Sustainability Responsibility for future generations

Sustainable business

Sustainable business

Responsible business

Let’s be honest, tyres aren’t the greenest products on the planet, on the contrary. But sustainability has entered our life and has an impact on all aspects of our operations. In order to grow responsibly, we at Deldo focus on a green infrastructure and on awareness towards our suppliers.

Internally, we introduced already multiple projects, including but not limited to: solar panels (more than 5.000 panels), LED-lighting, electrification of our car and bicycle fleet (including charging stations), reducing packaging and CO² emissions (replacing compressors by energy efficient ones).

And for our production, we encourage our manufacturers to focus on corporate, social and environmental responsibility. Together with our main partners, we invested more than 100 million dollars in upgrading equipment. And we implemented energy reuse as well as waste control measures at the factories. Our R&D pays attention to low carbon development, lowering rolling resistance and improving fuel efficiency in order to develop a greener product for the next generation.

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