General conditions

  1. The sending of our tarif does not constitute offers and does not oblige us with the delivery.
  2. The prices stipulated on our tarif are without engagement and can be modified without notice.
  3. All orders and conventions taken by our agents or representatives are valid only after our written confirmation.
  4. The commands carried out are invoiced at the price of the day of the supply.
  5. The goods are dispatched at the risk of the recipient even when shipped franco.
  6. No damage can be claimed for possible delay in the deliveries.
  7. The provided articles are manufactured with the greatest care and by means of matters of the first quality. Sight however the great requirements often in the most unfavourable circumstances to which our goods are subjected we decline any responsibility in particular in the event of accidents for people or material damage which would occur for some cause that it is by the use of our articles.
  8. The articles which reveal a manufacturing defect must be turned over at our address provided with a label with name and addresses forwarding. The examination cannot take place but after the payment of the goods, the salesman is held with the replacement of the defective goods only in proportion to the degree of wear and without the purchaser having an unspecified right to damage or interest.
  9. Any complaint to be valid, must reach us within eight days of the date of invoice. Our invoices are payable cash at our offices. In the event of non-payment or of late payment at the expiry date, the amount of the invoice will be raised conventional interest on arrears at the rate of 12% per year, starting from the date of invoicing. It is agreed expressly that for lack of payment at the latest the very same day of the expiry, as mentioned above, of an invoice, it will be due full, by the simole expiry, of the time and whithout no formal warning being required, an allowance fixed contractually and irreducibly at 20% with a minimum of € 65,00, amount of the invoice and more of the interest on arrears (Article 1147 and 1152 D.C.). In the event of non-observance the expiry date of an invoice will result that all the other credits will have to be paid immediately.
  10. The delivered goods remain our property until they are fully paid. In case they would have been resold before this moment, the credits corresponding to it and the invoices itself must be regarded as ours. In this case and with our request, the purchase-retailer will make all provisions necessary to allow us to box these invoices at the purchasing thirds.

For any dispute, only the Courts of Antwerp, division Antwerp are qualified.

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